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Congratulations on your new family member. We are pleased and honored that you are now part of our family. Our obligation to you is to assure that you have all the information and tools needed to properly care for your new puppy. We at Vanity Pups boutique are available six days a week during business  hours to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call us; we want to insure your new puppy of a long, healthy, and happy life.

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Puppies may become car sick during the first few rides in a car. We recommend bringing another person along to hold your new puppy or use a doggie carrier. Keep the window open about 3" to 4" from the top. Have your passenger frequently, but slowly, rub the underneath of the puppy's neck and talk to him/her in a soft voice. This proves to be effective in relaxing your new puppy. Bring a towel along just in case your puppy does get sick. Upon your arrival home, you can do any needed cleanup. Give your puppy about 45 minutes to an hour to settle down in his crate -  his little tummy will do just fine.


Your puppy may be a bit nervous (the puppy is no longer experiencing familiar sounds and  smells that it’s used to). This unsettling feeling will pass shortly. Plenty of peace and rest in his crate will help with the adjustment to his new family. It’s very important that the puppy is not  over stimulated. After putting your puppy down on the floor (not on a rug) for the first time, he may just stand there in fright. Back away and talk soothingly to him. Reassure him by saying "good puppy, nice  puppy". Whistle very softly and your new puppy will come over to you for a sniff. When he  comes over, give him a pat on the head.


Not eating for the first day or day and a half is pretty common. Things are different for the puppy. In our care, puppies generally do as other puppies do; when one eats, they all eat. The adjustment period should last a day or so. If you have purchased a puppy that is less than 5 lbs. at the time of purchase, then this section applies to you. If your new puppy is a tiny toy breed (aka: teacup) this section is imperative to your puppy’s health. Tiny dogs may only need to take in 75 to 150 calories per day. If meals are skipped, you run a large risk of your puppy becoming hypoglycemic. (low blood sugar) Some of the signs of hypoglycemia are…lethargy, lack of appetite, pale gums and a general lack of enthusiasm for toys or family members. If these symptoms persist for even a short time, the puppy must see their Veterinarian immediately. If you notice early that your puppy’s appetite has decreased, there are some food items usually found in the home that may be used to entice him/her. Cheese (all types)  Rice (white or brown), any cold cut (excluding ham), leftover meat, plain or vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, cheerios, baby food, plain pasta (cooked), cooked egg (scrambled). When in doubt, please contact your vet or us immediately. We are always glad to help!

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