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Veterinary Services: Welcome

The Pet Doctor would like to congratulate you on the purchase of your new pet!


As a special courtesy to you, we will provide FREE examinations, fecal analysis, and de-wormings for your pet.


As long as your pet is cared for by our staff according to our recommended schedule, we will provide Warranty Health Care until your pet is 12 months of age.


Services provided by another provider may VOID this warranty. All preventable illnesses are covered. You are responsible for the cost of necessary vaccinations.


There will be a $20 co-pay per each medication prescribed by our Veterinarians and a $50 co-pay per night of hospitalization.


This offer does not include well-pet visits, vaccinations, elective surgery, accidental injury, and parasite protection including heart-worm, fleas and ticks. In addition, if your pet is vaccinated yearly at our clinic, heart-worm checked and on year round preventative medication, we will offer an additional six month guarantee from date of the vaccination visit. This will be effective until your pet is five (5) years of age.


To activate this offer, your pet MUST be examined in our office no more than two weeks from the date of purchase.

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Thank you!

Happy Pup
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